Post Election Mental Health Apps That Engage Provide Lasting Value

Posted By Kelsey Peterson on February 02, 2021

In an article from AdForum, YOU at College’s CEO, Joe Conrad, outlines the key components to designing a digital health experience — like the *Nod app — that will set it and the user up for long-term impact and success.

“When you take something that has traditionally been administered in a resource-intensive clinical setting and turn it into a digital experience that could be done from the comfort of a user’s home, you have the opportunity to tap into some real emotion and give those who might not seek out a traditional therapist experience a stake in their own mental health through a digital experience. Creating compelling content – whether via higher-end productions or even gamification – combined with a well-designed user experience, is what will get those who need help not just coming through the digital office door one time, but keep coming back.”

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*Nod is an app created through a partnership between Hopelab and Grit Digital Health designed to reduce the impact of loneliness on young people’s well-being. Visit to learn more about how Nod is decreasing loneliness and improving the well-being of young people.

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