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College and university leaders today face significant new challenges in enrollment, finances, and accountability. They continue to work to improve access, students’ success, and public perception and to create new programs that attract students while supporting the core institutional mission. The theme of CIC’s 2018 Institute—“Academics, Allocations, and Analytics: Collaborating for a Sustainable Future”—provides a framework for action on these pressing issues and for candid sharing of both successes and challenges.

Chief academic, financial, and enrollment management officers all work directly or indirectly for and with the same students, while focused on distinct elements of their students’ performance and persistence. In today’s higher education environment, all three chief officers must intentionally collaborate as they lead teams of colleagues who work to attract and retain a robust student population—and to assure that the institution remains financially strong and provides a high-quality education. The Institute agenda will engage campus leaders with ideas and tools they can use to advance the distinctive missions of their institutions. Sessions will provide advice and concrete solutions on such topics as making the most of limited resources, recruiting the “right-sized” class, providing and marketing high-impact experiences for all students, supporting diversity and inclusion on campus, and securing an institution’s financial viability.

The Institute also will offer participants opportunities to learn about new and effective approaches to student mentoring and retention; student mental health issues; and vocational guidance. Several concurrent sessions will offer practical advice on the effective use of data in program development and evaluation and other areas of campus administration and teaching. Sessions on higher education legal issues will provide fresh perspectives on hiring, evaluation, and Title IX.

The 2018 Institute for Chief Academic Officers, with Chief Financial and Chief Enrollment Management Officers, will help participants develop the shared vision, collaborative spirit, and effective partnerships that move institutions toward successful innovation. Above all, the Institute will provide the opportunity for these three chief officers to share—with candor—ideas, practical solutions, and effective practices with colleagues from across the country and abroad.

In cooperation with the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) and the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO)


CIC invites chief academic, chief financial, and chief enrollment management officers of all independent colleges and universities to participate. Chief financial and chief enrollment management officers are encouraged to join chief academic officers at the Institute to strengthen their work on issues that matter to all senior leaders. Teams of CAOs, CFOs, and CEMOs will lead many of the concurrent sessions.

Chief academic officers also are encouraged to invite senior members of their academic teams—for example, associate and assistant vice presidents/provosts and academic deans—to participate with them in the Institute to enhance collaboration on issues that fall solely within academic affairs.

A chief academic officer may hold the title of provost, vice president for academic affairs, or dean of the college, among others. Chief financial officers may have such titles as vice president for finance, vice president for business affairs, or chief business officer. Chief enrollment management officers hold a wide variety of titles, including vice president for enrollment management, vice president for enrollment services, or dean of admissions, among others.

To support team development, CIC offers a discounted registration fee for additional administrators from the same institution.

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  • Event Date: 11/04/2018
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