The Colorado Sun: In the age of social media, a new app aims to help Colorado teens make friends off their phones

Posted By Trip Starkey on March 15, 2022

An article in The Colorado Sun highlights how the Nod app is being leveraged in a pilot program in Colorado high schools to help teens and young adults address increased feelings of loneliness and anxiety in light of the pandemic. The article explores a partnership between Grit Digital Health and the Colorado Education Initiative to bring Nod’s efficacious and science-backed approach to helping college students build social skills to the high school audience in Colorado. Read an excerpt from the piece below and check out the full article on The Colorado Sun.

“Stansbury introduced the app to Mountain Range High School students toward the end of last month and said she’s found comfort in being able to equip students with a tool that offers them the same kind of guidance she or a school social worker would.

‘I think you can see the increase in anxiety and depression and suicidal ideation that’s happening everywhere,” she said, “and sometimes it feels like you don’t have anything to recommend, and now it feels like we do have something they could actually use … that will teach them ideas and strategies of how to reach their personal and social goals while building their confidence and social connections.’”

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