The Denver Channel: The opposite of a social media app, ‘Nod’ helps students engage in person

Posted By Trip Starkey on April 12, 2022

A story on ABC Denver Channel 7 further explores our Nod pilot with 8 high schools in Colorado. With exclusive feedback from local students, administrators, and our team, check out an excerpt from the piece and click the link below to learn about the success of Nod as a science-backed app connecting teenagers with evidence-based tools and skill-building activities to build relationships during school.

“After a lot of isolation, I became truly an introvert, and I just was unable to communicate with other people,” she said.

Students at Mountain Range and seven other Denver metro area schools are getting some help from a Colorado-built app called “Nod.” Initially designed for college students, creators realized high school students transitioning from remote learning could benefit from it.

Nod gives students specific tasks, like striking up a conversation with someone they don’t know well. Denver psychologist Nathaan Demers, who helped develop Nod, said the app can help students set small goals.

“We’re giving students the opportunity to engage in mini missions where they get out into the real world and actually try those skills,” he said.”

Learn More on Denver Channel 7.

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